NEW UPDATE Country Sign"2023 Kaminokuni" SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITION 2023/6/27-2023/7/9"TOKYO DOCUMENTARY PHOTO 2023"キチジョウジギャラリー,gallery kai,半山ギャラリー,TOKYO BRIGHT GALLERY/TOKYO NEW UPDATE Country Sign"2022 Matsumae,Kaminokuni" NEW UPDATE Country Sign"2021 Matsumae" NEW UPDATE 11311"remember not to forget,,,," SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITION 2021/7/27-2021/8/22"remember not to forget,,,,"BANSHAN Gallery/meidaimae TOKYO SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITION 2021/6/22-2021/6/27"TOKYO DOCUMENTARY PHOTO 2021"キチジョウジギャラリー,gallery kai,半山ギャラリー/TOKYO NEW UPDATE Country Sign"2020 Shiriuchi,Fukushima" NEW UPDATE 11311"remember not to forget,,," SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITION 2020/6/30-2020/7/5"TOKYO DOCUMENTARY PHOTO 2020"キチジョウジギャラリー,gallery kai/kichijoji TOKYO NEW UPDATE Country Sign"2019 Kikonai,Shiriuchi" NEW UPDATE After the Gandhi"Sunset in Idinthakarai" BOOK PROJECT PARTICIPATION"NEKO PROJECT"iKi editions SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITION 2019/9/26-2019/10/9"Sunset in Idinthakarai"Osaka Nikon Salon SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITION 2019/9/10-2019/10/26"NEKO PROJECT"Galerie La Fontaine Obscure/Provence FRANCE SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITION 2019/9/4-2019/9/17"Sunset in Idinthakarai"Ginza Nikon Salon NEW UPDATE After the Gandhi"Hide and Seek in Bhopal" SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITION 2019/6/25-2019/6/30"TOKYO DOCUMENTARY PHOTO 2019"キチジョウジギャラリー,gallery kai/kichijoji TOKYO SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITION 2018/10/11-2018/10/17"Le Temps des Villes Indiennes"ENSA Paris Malaquais/France/PARIS NEW BOOK!! 2017/4/29 "a place with a nice view"小路上藝文空間 To Dear. Alternative Art Gallery SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITION 2017/8/27-2017/9/3 "a place with a nice view"no.18 skyisland SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITION 2017/8/27-2017/9/3 "a place with a nice view"TAP Gallery NEW UPDATE 11311"A place with a nice view" SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITION 2017/4/29-2017/5/30 "a place with a nice view"小路上藝文空間 To Dear. Alternative Art Gallery/Taiwan,TAIPEI EVENT 2016/9/29-11/3"DAEGU PHOTO BIENNALE 2016"/Daegu,KOREA EVENT 2016/10/15-10/23"PHOTO BEIJING 2016"/Beijing,CHINA SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITION 2016/10/5-10/10 "Trace the sun for Tamagawa,,"SAWANOI GARDEN GALLERY"/sawai,oume,TOKYO SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITION 2016/8/1-2016/9/3 "from the sea,,"時さえ忘れて/fukushima,aiduwakamatsu SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITION 2016/7/25-2016/7/31"「日本の写真」新たなる世代展 New generation Japanese Photographers"BOOK MARÜTE/香川県高松市 SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITION 2016/3/20-2016/5/22"日本撮影新時代 New generation Japanese Photographers"綠光+marüte /台中 taichung NEW UPDATE 11311"remember not to forget,," INTERVIEW ON WEB SITE "TSK" SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITION 2016/3/8-2016/3/20 "remember not to forget,,"TAP GALLERY/tokyo,kiyosumishirakawa SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITION 2016/1/30-2016/3/18"日本撮影新時代 New generation Japanese Photographers"田園城市藝文空間 Garden City Art Space /台北 taipei NEW UPDATE Country Sign"on one's the way home" EVENT 2015/9/19-21"THE TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR 2015"/京都造形芸術大学・東北芸術工科大学 外苑キャンパス EVENT 2015/8/1"オハラ☆ブレイク/fukushima,inawashiro EVENT 2015/7/5"Hikarie Sunday Market vol.2"Hikarie COURT/tokyo,shibuya EVENT 2015/7/1-4"第22回 東京国際ブックフェア TIBF2015"/東京ビックサイト SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITION "Blizzard Day /Calm Sea"Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum/hokkaido,niseko2015/3/21-2015/6/14/ EVENT 2015/4/18,19"写真集飲み会"VACANT/tokyo,harajuku PhotoBook Special Edition and Nomal Version Sale!!"Blizzard Day /Calm Sea" A NEW BOOK What we are left with/Self Publishing NEW UPDATE 11311"What we are left with" SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITION 2015/2/23-2015/3/14"Blizzard Day /Calm Sea"Totodo/tokyo,shibuya SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITION 2015/2/6-2015/2/18"What we are left with"space dike/tokyo,minowa NEW UPDATE Country Sign"Familiar things" EVENT 2014/11/14-16"fotofever paris" ON THE BOOK "二十二世紀写真史" EVENT 2014/10/5-13"BRA-BA!2014/KAWASAKI CITY MUSEUM " SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITION 2014/9/18-2014/9/28"Jamais aussi Proche"TD Galerie/paris NEW UPDATE Country Sign"Temperature of the heart"in 2014 Nikon Salon On Magazine"Monthly Magazine NIPPON CAMERA"2014/5/20 on sale SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITION "Temperature of the heart"Nikon Salon/tokyo2014/5/20-2014/5/26/osaka2014/7/31-2014/8/6 SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITION 2014/5/12-2014/5/25"reflection"Place M,M2 Gallery/tokyo TALK EVENT 2014/4/9/19:10-21:00 "ARTISTS PRESENTATION[Photo and Family]"Guardian Garden ON THE BOOK "RÉVÉLATIONS" EVENT 2014/1/8-12"Xishuangbanna Foto Festival 2014"/China NEW UPDATE Country Sign"Temperature of the heart" SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITION(web onlry) 2013/8/1-2013/9/1 "Bhopal/1984"Guardian Garden/web gallery SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITION 2013/7/31-2013/8/5 "UMIYAMAYUKINO"kichijoji GALLERY/tokyo EVENT 2013/7/24-2013/8/12"WYP BOOK FAIR"OLD / NEW SELECT BOOKSHOP 百年 EVENT 2013/1/4.5.6"Madurai Photography Festival 2013 " NEW UPDATE Country Sign"How to breathe" EVENT 2012/9/15/15:00-19:00"Elements of light ーそれぞれの光ー Part2 "Formare la luce/Nippon Photography Institute Interview on Magazine"Monthly Magazine CAPA"2012/8/20 on sale SLIDE SHOW on web site"Keeping Fukushima and Miyagi in mind"Formare La Luce NEW UPDATE Rivers"Tracing The Tamagawa" SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITION 2012/6/11-2012/6/17 "Tracing the Tamagawa"PHOTO GALLERY PLACE M/tokyo POST SLIDE SHOW"country sign 2011-2012"YouTube POST SLIDE SHOW"Tracing the Tamagawa"YouTube EVENT 2012/4/13/19:20-21:40"ARTISTS PRESENTATION"Guardian Garden NEW UPDATE 11311"remember not to forget" SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITION 2012/2/7-2012/2/19 "remember not to forget"TAP GALLERY/tokyo NEW UPDATE Country Sign"before anything disappear in snow" BEGINS THE SERIES OF COLUMNS "Trace the Tama River" SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITION 2011/8/21-2011/8/31"Zine TEN-photography-"810GALLERY/osaka NEW CONTENT BOOKS NEW UPDATE Country Sign"Sleeping Beside the Miracle"in 2011 Guardian Garden(1_WALL) SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITION 2011/6/11-2011/6/20 "Sleeping Beside the Miracle"810GALLERY/osaka SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITION 2011/6/1-2011/6/10"birds in the frame"810GALLERY/osaka